Primeseal is more than a primer and more than a sealer. In fact it is the ultimate in both roles. As a primer for membranes it provides an exceptional bond coat for almost all porous substrates. It is also a great sealer and waterproofing coating in its own right where flexibility is not required.It is suitable for use on most substrates including concrete, cementitious screeds, timber, fibre cement sheeting, plaster board, timber and bitumen. Although predominantly it is used as an adjunction with other coatings this is a product that is so good it should be recognised in its own right.

Primeseal SP

  • Description
    Primeseal SP is a high performance, single pack, fast curing, penetrating concrete primer, sealer, moisture vapour and water resistant barrier.

    Duram Primeseal SP is a low modulus coating, formulated for good penetration in to concrete, cementitious and porous substrates. Primeseal SP is an excellent primer for the following Duram waterproofing membranes and coatings:
    • Duram Multithane
    • Duram 195
    • Instaproof HA80 hybrid polyurea
    Duram Primeseal provides a water transmission barrier to protect subsequent membranes from bubbling and pin-holing.

    Primeseal SP is a multi-purpose coating specifically designed to provide:
    • An excellent primer for Duram waterproofing membranes and coatings providing excellent adhesion of the waterproofing
    membranes and coatings to the substrate
    • A technically advanced sealer and penetrating waterproof barrier
    • A water vapour transmission barrier
    to concrete and other prorous building substrates and provides.
    Primeseal SP provides a deep penetrating barrier against water vapour transmission thereby minimising bubbling and pin-holing of subsequent membranes and enhancing the quality of the overall waterproofing system. Primeseal is an ideal primer for polyurethane, polyurea, acrylic and latex based membranes and coatings.

    Suitable Surfaces
    Primeseal SP is suitable for use on dry, low concentrations of moisture within the substrate and green concrete (7 to 14 day old concrtete) :
    • Concrete and cementitious surfaces
    • Block-work and bricks
    • Cement render
    • Fibre cement sheeting
    • Timber