Enviro 250 NS a water-based, waterproof protective, UV resistant, non-slip and wear resistant coating designed for external use. As a top coat, it can provide external and internal protection of Enviro 700X, 200P Ultra and 200P EXT by improving the wear and UV resistance. It can also be applied directly as a light duty, trafficable non-slip coating to primed concrete and other surfaces. It dries quickly to form a tough flexible film that has good adhesion properties to Envirosystems recommended products. It is easily recoated with minimal surface preparation. Enviro 250 NS is formulated on a water-based silane crosslinked copolymer system.


Typical Uses

Enviro 250 NS can be used as a UV protective wear coating suitable for light foot traffic, over Envirosystems recommended products, waterproofed roof areas, floors, stairs and decks. It can also be used directly over suitably primed concrete, masonry and timber as a non-slip external foot trafficable coating.

  • For areas experiencing light foot traffic on:
    • Podiums
    • Balconies
    • Decks
    • Plant and mechanical room floors
    • Ramps
    • Steps
    • Pathways
    • Patios
  • As a UV and wear protective coating over Enviro 700X, 200P & 200P EXT.
  • As a slip resistant coating on pathways and steps
  • As a protective coating over aged bitumen- based membranes


Suitable Substrates

Enviro 250 NS can be used as a coating over:

  • Concrete
  • Enviro 200P Ultra
  • Enviro 200P EXT
  • Enviro 700X
  • Mineral bitumen membrane



  • UV resistant, suitable for exposed applications
  • Abrasion resistant to light foot traffic
  • Excellent non-slip properties
  • Non-slip aggregate is included, no need to broadcast
  • Protective waterproof topcoat
  • Fast drying
  • Water-based, easy clean up, low odour
  • Simple single component application, easily re-coated and maintained.
  • Australian Made and Owned

Enviro250 NS