Enviro 200P Ultra is an ultra-flexible, class III waterproofing membrane specifically designed for internal and external use under tiles and for a range of water tank applications. It is formulated on a water-based crosslinked copolymer system that is urethane modified. It is fast drying and exhibits very good elasticity, excellent adhesion and outstanding elongation.


Typical Uses

Enviro 200P Ultra is used for the waterproofing of walls, floors, decks and roof areas that will be covered with a wearing surface, such as tiles or other appropriate protective coatings. Enviro 200P Ultra can also be used as a tank liner in permanent immersion situations.

  • Internal & External Wet Areas
  • Balconies & Decks
  • Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundries
  • Roof Areas
  • Fire Sprinkler Tanks
  • Greywater Tanks
  • Stormwater Retention Tanks


Suitable Substrates

Enviro 200P Ultra is suitable for use over the following substrates:

  • New Concrete – Cured for min. 28 days
  • Fibre Cement Sheets – Walls (min. 6mm)
  • Renders and Screeds – Cured for min. 7 days
  • Compressed Fibre Cement (min. 15mm)
  • Plasterboard walls – Wet area grade only
    (min. 10mm)
  • Plywood (PAA) – Wet area grade only



  • Fast drying
  • Water based, easy clean up
  • Complies with AS:4858
  • Very low VOC content
  • Excellent vertical hold-up
  • Excellent crack bridging ability
  • Single component
  • No reinforcing fabric required
  • Modified polyurethane eliminates re-emulsification
  • Compatible with ceramic tile adhesives; Enviro GTA and Enviro GTX

Enviro 200P Ultra